$napshot: The Big Flush


End of the period. Commercial break. Where’s the restroom?

In honor of the World Cup that began last night, we are re-posting a wonderful image that made quite a splash online a few years ago. EPCOR Utilities, Inc., the water utility that serves the City of Edmonton in Canada, tracked the water consumption in the city during the Canada-US Olympic gold medal hockey game in 2010, down to the minute. Continue reading

Public Fire Service Water Charges – On the Water Bill or on the Tax Roll?

Guest author Susan Ancel is the Director of Water Distribution and Transmission with EPCOR Water Services Inc.




Recently, EPCOR Water Services Inc. (EPCOR) (in conjunction with its Regulator, the City of Edmonton City Council) reviewed the utility’s revenue requirements, and considered how it recovers the cost of public fire protection services provided by the water utility. The deliberation can provide insight to other utilities when they consider cost allocation and revenue recovery.

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