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Exploring Public Fire Protection Charges in Wisconsin

In addition to Rates Dashboards, the Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill regularly publishes tables of water rates and rate structures of various states. Last month, in addition to tables of water and wastewater rates, the EFC at UNC also published tables of public fire protection charges in Wisconsin as of January 2018. These data tables are one of several products created from data for water rates and rate structures of 575 water utilities throughout the state of Wisconsin. The data tables list each utility’s residential water rate structure details, monthly-equivalent bills computed at different consumption levels, and public fire protection charge information.

This post explores what fire protection charges are, how they are collected, and how system size plays a role.

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Public Fire Service Water Charges – On the Water Bill or on the Tax Roll?

Guest author Susan Ancel is the Director of Water Distribution and Transmission with EPCOR Water Services Inc.




Recently, EPCOR Water Services Inc. (EPCOR) (in conjunction with its Regulator, the City of Edmonton City Council) reviewed the utility’s revenue requirements, and considered how it recovers the cost of public fire protection services provided by the water utility. The deliberation can provide insight to other utilities when they consider cost allocation and revenue recovery.

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