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What is the Future of Environmental Finance?

Future of Environmental Finance Public Forum

Future of Environmental Finance Public Forum

On Monday, May 5, the Environmental Finance Center at UNC hosted an event on The Future of Environmental Finance.  Through this public forum, our goal was to share promising strategies for financing current and future environmental challenges.  Speakers from all levels of government, non-profits, foundations and businesses joined us to share their unique perspective on environmental finance.  In all, 130 participants joined us in person at our institutional home, the UNC School of Government, while 250 participants watched the session live via an online stream.

In this post, our Senior Project Director Glenn Barnes shares his thoughts on one of the themes that emerged from the public forum. The post also includes a link to a video recording of the event.

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You’re Invited: The Future of Environmental Finance Public Forum

The Future of Environmental Finance: Strategies for Financing Current and Future Environmental Challenges

May 5th, 1:30-4:30pm in Chapel Hill, NC

Free and Open to the Public. Live Web Streaming Available.

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Who Pays? With What Money? 

The costs of environmental services, programs, and infrastructure continue to rise. At the same time, the individuals, communities, and governments tasked with paying for environmental protection are experiencing significant financial challenges. Whether a billion dollar effort to restore a region’s polluted water supply, a $4,000 project to weatherize a financially disadvantaged family’s home, or a program to replace a small town’s 50-year-old water treatment plant, all environmental initiatives share a common challenge: who will pay and and with what money? Without implementing fair and sustainable solutions to these environmental finance questions, the most brilliantly conceived environmental technology or program will likely fall short of achieving its goals.

Promising Strategies  

This public forum will feature engaging presentations from prominent environmental finance experts and innovators from a variety of perspectives that cut across sectors and issues. This event will foster discussion and identify emerging trends, strategies, and ideas that will help answer the basic “how will we pay” questions at the heart of successful environmental protection.

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