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The Internet of Things and the Water World

Post Authored by Elizabeth Kendrick

Our previous post brought you Dr. Christine Boyle, founder and CEO of Valor Water Analytics (Valor), which works with utilities worldwide to introduce technologies that drive efficiency and set a new bar for how utilities understand and utilize data. The analytics company has built a suite of software aiming to bring big data solutions to water utilities in order to improve their financial and water resource sustainability. Valor’s “Hidden Revenue Locator” product is widely recognized as a best-in-class technology for automated loss detection. Valor and its tools provide a fantastic example of how data can be transformed into useful information through the Internet of Things. Continue reading

$napShot: Smart Meters Can Lead to a Flood of Data

During the 2014 North Carolina Water and Wastewater Finance course, the Town of Cary and Sensus Inc. presented to the class on a panel entitled “Smart Technology and Water Finance.” During the panel, Karen Mills, Cary’s Finance Director, and Leila Goodwin, Cary’s Water Resources Manager, stated they have adopted advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), colloquially known as “smart meters,” for their drinking water system. This ambitious technological project has allowed the Town of Cary many benefits for their water system, a few of which include: earlier leak detection and repair, improved backflow prevention, and better monitoring of water usage during rationing / shortages, among many others.
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